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Our recent Client Alert provides an overview of significant Delaware law developments of late.  The alert describes the Delaware Supreme Court’s ruling addressing controlling stockholder conflicts of interest in In re Match Group, Inc. Derivative Litigation, which will prove consequential in many transactions involving companies with large stockholders. In addition, the alert discusses the extensive amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) proposed by the Council of the Corporation Law Section of the Delaware State Bar Association, many of which are generally designed to address recent case law. For example, the amendments would provide that companies and stockholders can enter into stockholder agreements conferring, among other things, governance rights upon stockholders, addressing concerns raised in West Palm Beach Firefighters’ Pension Fund v. Moelis & Co., where the Court of Chancery determined that a stockholder agreement that provided a large stockholder with an array of consent rights and governance rights outside of the certificate of incorporation infringed on the board’s obligation to oversee the company in governance matters.  The amendments would also have important consequences for M&A transactions.  For more information on the Moelis decision, please see our previous client alert. The proposed DGCL amendments would have significant impacts for both private and public companies and ease the rulings of the recent cases.